End of Semester

Monday was the “Mini DAAP Works” show where we display visuals of our process for other students and professors.

Overall I feel satisfied with my progress this semester, but I know I have plenty of work to do when I return from co-op.

Below are samples of what I displayed at the show. I included most of my infographic sketches, a tentative infographic wall design outline, early logo ideations, benchmarking, inspiration, my project brief, and my problem statement.



Project updates

I am continuing to sketch and ideate new ideas for my infographic and refine my project brief. In addition to my ideation process, I am also in the process of deciding on a restaurant name.

My favorite names:
-In a Nutshell
-Food for Thought
-Romaine Calm
-Heads Up (would include lettuce logo)
-In a Pickle


This week I have been focusing on finding restaurant inspiration, ideating different ways to portray my message positively, and coming up with a restaurant name.

Right now I’m inspired by Whole Foods and Chipotle. Both restaurants successfully attract customers because customers feel good about supporting the brands (among other reasons too). They address social issues related to foods in a positive way that capture readers’ attention.




My capstone presentation went very well overall. In regards to my deliverable, I presented both ideas and decided on idea #1 (see previous blog post).  The professors seemed mostly enthusiastic about my ideas and I walked out of the room with confidence.

This blogpost will cover their critiques.

Suggestion 1: Get a better picture of the audience
-I initially chose to have an audience of American adults between ages 18 and 25.
-This is because they are open to change, politically outspoken, conscious about health and sustainability,and buying habits are malleable.
-I am now realizing that I need to expand my audience choice to a wider age range and re-evaluate my reasons behind my new choice.

Suggestion 2: Approach educating the negative and depressing topic with caution.
-My topic is incredibly depressing, but the depressing tone in all the documentaries and benchmarking examples is exactly why most people turn their heads and do not want to learn more about the issue.
-I need to find a way to inform about a depressing topic in a positive way.
-I am looking at Chipotle and Whole Foods for inspiration. Both companies portray their restaurants in a way that consumers feel like they are helping with a major cause by supporting the companies.